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Should I use an online dating service ? Can I . . . ? 

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Many , many topics to discuss on this website but this is one that just plain-honestly-hits right where the rubber meets the road. Often. Christians, dating, Christian singles, problems folks have with and in relationships is an area that the devil has had to much play in for to long and we want to stop all that RIGHT HERE !!



Did you know (or have you ever thought ) that when God wants to bless someone, He will often send someone into that person’s life ? 

Did you know that when the devil wants to hurt someone he will often try to send someone into a person’s life ?


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Now, if you were awake reading that little snippet above, it should give you great reason to reflect

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If blessings in my life AND problems in my life can (and often are) going to come through PEOPLE in our lives-how in the world are we ever going to “wade through” that ??


By the direction given to us, in the Word(s) of God !



SO- The very first place to start -where relationships are concerned-is an individuals’ relationship with God. Young lady or young man-or mother of two or divorced dad…it does not matter. If you live in the United States or you are reading this and you live in Egypt-IT DOES NOT MATTER !!




through His Word and His Holy Spirit !!


You can have all the money in the world, you can have as many “perfect” relationships as you may desire-BUT-without a FERVENT relationship with God FIRST-all the other things will amount to nothing.

1) You must be SAVED FIRST [you may read about salvation here]

2) YOU must then take personal responsibility to develop your relationship with God, yourself. [The Authority of the Bible, Having a Prayer Life, Pressing In ]


Now, ONLY IF and WHEN you have done all you can to make sure you are in right relationship with the Lord-then you should begin reading the following

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Parents . . .Teachers

School tools frame an area of green chalkboard ready for your text.

 ~You have SO MUCH to do with developing a young persons’ relationship with the Lord ! ~

PLEASE teach your young men and women EARLY to get their value self worth and self identity from God


Teach them what God thinks about them – “I have engraved you on the palm of my hands”

Teach them who they are, when they walk with God – “Your sons and daughters will PROPHESY”

Teach them that they do not to please any person-but be concerned about PLEASING GOD-ALWAYS !

 [ Because they are going to GIVE AN ACCOUNT ! ]

(then they wont look for ultimate approval . . . or need false acceptance from others..)

Now, “Christian Dating”…

. ..Continued !!

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1) No matter who you are looking at in any form of dating, they MUST BE pursuing God. Remember the comment in red above (below the light bulb)  ?

-People in your life will ‘lift you up’, they will help bring you to your destiny…

. . .or they will HURT you -and could PREVENT your destiny from ever coming to pass !!

God does not nor will he assign anybody in your life who is not designed to lift you up and help you to fulfill your purpose. Especially when it comes to dating-Christian dating in particular-why would you go to a GRAVEYARD to look for a potential helpmate in your life? If your dating someone-or are considering dating ANYBODY-and God is not their FIRST priority [ALREADY !! ] then you are inheriting nothing less than a “PROJECT” . . .that could ultimately turn into a DISASTER.

You are an eternal being. Only look at and for other people who have an eternal focus, as well !! 


Get your Eternal Priorities RIGHT !! 


2) Beauty-good looks-etc. – is only a temporary thing, while we are still down here . It is a hard thing to do (it takes PRAYER) but for both guys and ladies-IMAGE, LOOKS, outward appeal is NOT what you should be looking at-or for in a relationship.

The Bible plainly teaches that all that you see on the outside is the result of what is going on on the inside of someone, anyway. 🙂

Will you notice someones “looks” when pursuing a relationship with them? Yes, of course you will. HOWEVER, if how someone looks on the outside is all you ever see-and you NEVER pay attention or seek to learn how they look on the inside-you are not on the right path and you have some “destruction” you are scheduling in your own future !!

[ Besides, as you continue to grow in your relationship with the Lord-you WILL AUTOMATICALLY begin looking at and seeing the inside of folks anyway. You will begin to see beauty and handsomeness in Gods creation simply because someone you may be looking at is Gods creation ]

SO, for both guys and gals, the modern world IS SO CONCERNED with image and glamor and attractiveness-don’t get suckered into that trap. Concentrate on the spiritual, the roots of everything-and the outside will take care of itself-AUTOMATICALLY !! 

Remember, the beautiful savior Himself-DID NOT come in wonderful glory and beauty to this earth-the first time. If folks around Him had been looking at the circumstances-and not listening to the Word of the Lord-they could have been offended and only seen the “UGLY, HUMBLE” feeding trough that Jesus was born in . . 

INSTEAD of the wonderful treasure that was on the inside of that manger !!

Manger with hay and swaddling clothes in old stable

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1) Some men can and will try to win you with fancy talk, shiny jewelry, nice clothes, lots of money or fancy cars. These things are temporary but Gods things are ETERNAL. If you are a single woman then GOD LOVES YOU and wants TO HELP YOU. Your “identity” is not-nor ever shall be-fully complete in ANY man.

A man MAY help fulfill some emotional desires BUT until and unless you have the ULTIMATE MAN in your life-Jesus-you will ALWAYS be missing and coming up short

If you are trying to complete your identity in any natural man, you are shorting Gods best plan for you and you will NEVER BE SATISFIED, inside

2) As a women you have TREMENDOUS WORTH. Many women throughout the scriptures have been used by the LordIf you are HUMAN  then Jesus LOVES YOU so much that He would come back to the earth and go through all of it again-JUST FOR YOU AND YOU ALONE !! So, if the value of something is “equal” to the price someone is willing to pay for it-THEN THE PRICE JESUS IS WILLING TO PAY FOR YOU ALONE IS TREMENDOUS…

. . .so don’t YOU go looking down and calling yourself ANYTHING less than WONDERFUL !! Get some CONFIDENCE about you ! You are GODS CREATION  !! 

3) If you are in a relationship and it is abusive-get out . You are not a doormat. You are Gods creation. Put some DISTANCE between you and the abuser.

4) This really should not have to be said but, for the record



5) This is more tricky but falls into the same trap. If you are already dating [DATING-NOT MARRIED….. !! ] an unsaved man-and you ARE SAVED

-STOP NOW-cut all the ties that you can and put DISTANCE (physical, social and mental) between and behind you and the unsaved guy.

Reread all the above written for “guys and gals”. You have so much value God does not want you to suffer through being linked with someone who is “going down”-while you’re doing everything you can to “go up”.

Two different directions there !

IT IS NOT OF GOD and you are not “meant” to be the one to bring him to the Lord ! [God will use ministry gifted people to do that . . . .”bring him to the Lord” ]


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1) Inside of each man is a King and  a Fool. Live out of your spirit and BE THE KING that God called you and that you CAN BE-if you really want to . If you act like the Fool, you will follow the things of the flesh, the things of the world, the ‘self prideful’ things of this life, etc

– and you are short changing yourself, terribly.

To do so is to live in  the lowest form of what you were created for, the bible actually says to do so is be following the “beast nature” inside of you

Simply, therefore, DON’T DO IT.Develop your relationship with the Lord.  Develop your prayer life. Learn the Bible. Then, do what the Bible says…and your spirit and your destiny in God-will grow !! 

2) Treat ALL women with respect (Honor your Father AND YOUR MOTHER) (the FIRST Commandment ). When dating a woman she should be Gods daughter in your eyes-Gods princess-and as such she DESERVES the absolute HIGHEST respect you can give her !!

God wants you to respect ALL people and  is a MUST if you want Gods favor, blessings and grace in your life. Any man can beat on or hurt a woman. Doing so definitely does not make you a man-it actually lowers you. In general categories women have less muscles and are not as physically strong as most men -so when you beat on a woman you are trying to put that woman down-and you are “trying” to left yourself up.

This is clearly against Gods will and is wrong in so many ways-not the least of which is that you are STORING UP WRATH by God-against YOU !! 

It does not make you a man beating on or hurting any women. Being a man of God, a prayer warrior, a faithful church attender, a hard worker that brings home money to pay the bills (without complaining) , being a fervent Christian even when others around you may not be

-THAT’S being a man

3) Mentally. . .. Men. Any man can be a dunce head and be a brute beast in his mind. The culture in America teaches us to to NOT USE our minds, to NOT PURSUE planning and solid , rational thinking, being “intellectual” , etc. The culture (at least here in America) often teaches us to “drive fast”, disregard the consequences of our actions, shoot first, talk loud and hit first, etc., etc. ,etc.


The Bible teaches Christians to Love the Lord our God with all our heart  AND ALL OUR MIND

So, how do you do that, single guy?





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We can not be there, physically where you are, but there is A LOT OF SPIRITUAL MEAT on this website. There is a spirit of VICTORY on this website. There is in depth teaching. Videos. Bible studies. Online podcasts (with PRAYER for listeners on those podcasts). Social media.

Technology -the web, the internet, social media, etc-never made for the devil and his crowd. Technology was released to be USED BY THE LORD AND HIS CROWD.

There is an ANOINTING that can help you GROW-on this website. It will not come to you, automatically, however. You will have to APPLY yourself, you will have to PULL ON IT !


It is here for your


~SO-USE IT !! ~ 

🙂   🙂 


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OK. I am writing this as a former pastor who has seen people in relationships, from coast to coast , and for years and years. Having said that you personally fall into one or more of the categories above and you are doing and acting as you should. You have searched your heart, prayed about it and you are convinced you are  not called by God to be single.

You are where you feel you should be , where God wants you, in the church of His choice. You are of age. You know to KEEP THE VERY FIRST IN ALL THAT YOU DO, yet you still want to find a mate of the opposite sex-a partner, a companion, a helpmate . . .

Is it alright -in the eyes of the Lord-to use the services of ONLINE CHRISTIAN DATING SITES

1) The Lord himself told us to use the resources and talents we have at our disposal, to advance His purposes.

2) We have repeated this often on this website, however, technology was never made for the devil and his crowd. It was released and always intended for Gods people and His purposes

So-is it o.k. for christian singles to research and use “Online Christian Dating Sites”?

*** YES !! ***


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