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A}  Longer Bible Studies, written in conversation tone. Can be used for preaching, teaching, great for individual study or may even be used for group study. Parts of each study may be taken out (go to an individual letter within the study, for example) and used for *smaller study. If using as a group study, one can simply read the study, while folks can discuss the text and/or look up, write out and discuss the scriptures mentioned, for example.


>There seems to be regions where the people of God can watch a secular movie for two+ hours-but when it comes to a Church service, or studying the Bible, etc-they do not have the/their stamina built up. They can not focus on “Gods things” unless it/they are moving, animated, etc. THIS IS A PROBLEM IN THE CHURCH AND INDIVIDUALS NEED TO RECOGNIZE THIS -AND EXERCISE THEMSELVES AGAINST IT. 🙂

Therefore, YES, these are longer Bible studies, they are that way ON PURPOSE, to “set” structure in folks for the LONG HAUL..take them in bite sized pieces, as you can…and “build up your “God Stamina”-in the process !!

“Work hard so you can present yourself to God and receive his approval. Be a good worker, one who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly explains the word of truth.” 2 Timothy 2:15

“Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you “ Matthew 6:33

“Exercise yourself rather unto Godliness” 1 Timothy 4:7

B}  Shorter-bite sized- Bible Studies are available by scrolling further down the page. Use for Sunday Schools, personal study . .  .or a “quick bite” when needed !

**Feel free to print, post, share all – or part- of any study. All we ask is that, as a Christian, you “give honor where it is due”**

-and “do what is right…” -and let folks know where you got the material in the first place-here ! 🙂

Please . . .




1) Chart Your Course ! 

Old compass on white background with soft shadow


We put this study first because it talks about the stuff that comes against Christians-before they even wake up in the morning. 🙂 This really should be taught in “Sunday School 101”-in every church across America. If the stuff in this study were in just half the Christians in America, the Church would be in a far, far more advanced position than it currently is in.

Contains some ESSENTIALS of “how one MUST live the Christian life-to be SUCCESSFUL !” What can you expect as you walk this Christian walk ? Are you a Christian, are you ready to start this journey? The ESSENTIALS you will need to know to

– Chart Your Course! –



2) Bustin Out !



Everything starts in the Spirit. Don’t spend so much time trying fix the fruits-if you ain’t got nothing going on “at the roots” !! Very good study that brings out scripture on the truth of the “roots” ! Gives you the right place to start-then sends you the “right direction”.

Which direction is that? Scriptural basis for “GOING FORWARD”-once you know where the REAL battle is !

Bustin’ Out !




3) Determination-Get Some !



Jesus said “The words I speak unto you are SPIRIT and they are LIFE. There is a SPIRIT of MIGHT available …a spirit that will affect your DETERMINATION, that can be transferred by the anointing.

It’s yours for the taking-as a child of God. DO NOT LIVE BELOW YOUR PRIVILIGES !

Determination-Get Some !


4) Christian-Live Out of Your Spirit ! 




A very strong basic teaching that should be POUNDED in Christians when they are first “born again”. Teaches the difference between Spirit, Soul and Body. Teaches what is the “REAL YOU” ! Christians are not designed by God to be led by their MINDS- When they are born again their mind is SUPPOSED to be subject to their SPIRITS.

Your Spirit is what reacts to God. God needs your Spirit, hot-and reacting to HIM !

~Your Spirit can take you places your MIND can NEVER get to~

All this is activated and GROWS by the amount of “Living Word ” that gets in someone , when they are born again.

Christian-Live Out of Your Spirit !

5) Increased Strength !



There is a SCRIPTURAL formula for how to INCREASE YOUR STRENGTH

It’s GODS WORD. He can not lie !

Let the anointing do it’s work – and JUMP into it


Increased Strength ! 


6) Teach Us To Pray ! 




In the Spirit, faithful, fervent, consistent prayer puts HEAT on your words

There is a way to pray, to please God


Teach Us To Pray


Newly added studies-to many to list short descriptions here . . .

*Smaller Studies




1) The Authority of the Bible



The depths of Gods Word could be studied for eons on end. In heaven, folks STILL study the Bible because there is SO MUCH depth, truth, wisdom, etc. inside its pages. This study is an APPETIZER that touches on science, oceanography, biology-and how modern disciplines do nothing but, yet still, prove the VERACITY of the scriptures


The Authority of the Bible

2) How to be Saved




Short, sweet, simple to the point

Not fake. Not “Milk”.

The MEAT, the FIRST steps, that you just plain MUST do


How to be Saved

3) How to Grow as a Christian



The steps to grow are so simple that the devil is the ONLY one that can mess the steps up (!)

~Real Christian Friends~Personal Bible Reading-Prayer~

Ready to GROW !!

Go from milk, to bread…TO MEAT !!


How to Grow as a Christian

4) Fruit of the Spirit



There are NINE, supernatural gifts that the Holy Spirit gives you…

that are the FRUIT of staying connected to God, through His Holy Spirit. They are daily, supernatural, empowering and life giving.


Learn and start feeling the FRUIT, flowing through you . . .NOW !

Fruit of the Spirit


Newly added studies-to many to list short descriptions here . . .