Having an individual, DAILY, prayer life !


“How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation…” (Hebrews 2:3)

The Greek word for “neglect” here means “of little concern; to take lightly.” We aren’t to pray as a last resort : going to our friends first, then to a pastor or counseling session, and finally ending up on our knees. NO – Jesus tells us, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness (which, in part, means “to be in right standing with him” !) – and (then,,,) all these things shall be added unto you” (Matthew 6:33).

Jesus also tells all believers, plainly, that all “Christians” (people who claim to follow Christ,,,) are to PRAY DAILY. In Luke 11:3 Jesus, when asked by his disciples to teach them how to pray, Jesus says to pray in this way: “Give us DAY by DAY our DAILY bread,,,,”.

Then, in Matthew 6:6 Jesus tells us concerning prayer : “ But you, when you pray, go into your inner room and when you have shut the door pray to your Father who sees in secret,,,”

The plain teaching of the Lord, the promises, the power and the fruit of a daily, strong “intense and intimate” prayer life are not only overwhelming, but are a basic and elementary teaching of “What it FIRST means to be a Christian”.

So why do so many Christians neglect their intimate time with God? Below are some of the most common reasons:

1. Some Christians don’t pray because they have not been taught , plainly, what the Lord has said concerning prayer to EVERY Christian. Well, by reading this, the reader of this document now has “no excuse”. We, as Christians, can not and will not accomplish what the Lord wants to do in us, through us and for us, unless and until we CONNECT with Him, on a DAILY basis ! (John 15:4,5)

2. Some Christians don’t pray because they have not crucified their flesh in this area. We, as Christians, are called to be different, “overwhelming” in our love and devotion for the Lord and are called to overcome the things of this world. We are NOT called to be overcome by the things in the world. If you find yourself in this category, rise up, take your authority that God has given you and take back the intimacy and relationship that the Lord wants to have with you. Repent, cry out to God and start that intimacy and obedience-through a DAILY prayer life- NOW ! (Matt 25:26)

3. Some Christians don’t pray because they don’t “see it as a priority” in other Christians lives. Each of us must give an account of ourselves before the Lord to receive our rewards for what we have done while in this body. Do YOU really want, on that day, to stand before the Lord and say “but Lord, so and so didn’t pray,,,”. What do you think JESUS is going to tell you , on that day, if you come to HIM with that attitude ? (2Cor 5;10)

4. Some Christians don’t pray because they have a lukewarm love for the Lord. Not that his love is cold, but this type of Christian has a love that is “inexpensive” and not costly. Somehow, even in the middle of being sure to do “good works“, they leave behind their costly discipline of coming into His presence. You may say you love Him, but if you never show up to be with Him, you prove you don’t love Him at all. All our works are in vain unless we return to our bright-burning love for Jesus. (Rev. 2:1-5)

5. Some Christians don’t pray because they’ve perverted their priorities. A priority is the importance you place on something. Many believers pledge they’ll pray if and when they can find the time. Even though they can find the time to wash the car, clean the house, visit friends, eat out, go shopping, watch sports, etc. They don’t pray because they don’t make time to pray. The Lord doesn’t want your leftovers – those little bits and pieces of time when you have only a moment to toss up a quick prayer request. That isn’t a sacrifice of prayer. It’s a ‘lame’ offering – and it pollutes his altar! (Malachi 1:8)

6. Some Christians don’t pray because they’ve learned to live without prayer. Many Christians think all that’s required of them is to go to church, sing a few songs, listen to the message that day, don‘t commit any “really bad “ sins, and all will be well for them. But they had no prayer life at all. To live this kind of a life is to live as “fleshly” sheep-instead of as a submissive bride. To study it out, to live this kind of live (without a daily prayer life) is actually an offense and an abomination to God, because to do this is to actually never “show any REAL effort” to be obedient, submissive and to draw near to Him. (Matthew 7:23).

After all, what was the “GREATEST and MOST IMPORTANT commandment” in the old testament- as DIRECTLY QUOTED by Jesus- in the new testament , , ?

Thou shalt Love the Lord thy God with ALL thy heart, ALL thy mind, ALL thy strength and with ALL thy soul,,,”.

ALL . . . 


7. Some Christians don’t pray because they don’t believe God hears their prayers. Sometimes believers get discouraged over unanswered prayers and simply give up. Make no mistake – our God is utterly faithful. It doesn’t matter if you hear a million voices saying prayer doesn’t work. Let every man be a liar, but God’s word will stand forever! (Romans 3:4) . Go to your secret closet daily and seek Him with all your heart. That’s your answer to his power in your life, to unsaved family members, to every need in your life. Your answers may not come overnight. Yet, God will do His work, as you earnestly seek him and “believe” that HE IS MOVING on your behalf-even when you don’t “see” what he is doing. You MUST stay faithful to “press into” the secret place and the provision he has for you. HE IS WORKING EVEN WHEN YOU DON”T “SEE IT”!. Your part is to believe He is to faithful to answer – because you are His BELOVED child!