Rapture/End Times


The video above describes just about EXACTLY what it will be like when the event called the “Rapture” takes place. Non Christians don’t like to talk about it, Some Christians will talk about it….

>>> but this author believes that the only one who ‘wins’ when NOT ENOUGH folks are talking about it is, unfortunately, the devil.<<<


Who will go in the rapture? 


1) The scripture is PERFECT-in number  , in the exact words used in scripture, in emphasis-in EVERYTHING !.  Take Jesus alone. From the place He would be born, to what EXACTLY He would do…all the way to how He would die (and who would be next to him on a cross when He was dying ) were all part of  44 events that were prophecied in the Bible far before Jesus came on the scene (yet he fulfilled them all, exactly ).

Just for example !

Keep that in mind as we quickly continue here. Scripture is accurate-down to EVERY number within it !

2 ) The rapture  itself is an event foretold in scripture where those that the Lord Jesus Christ has declared  “R-E-A-D-Y and are His ‘Bride’ “   will literally be SNATCHED away, up and off of the planet-and will meet our Lord Jesus-in the clouds . Please note scripture makes it abundantly clear, throughout, that the ONLY ones going in the rapture are those who are, biblically, “ready”.

Rapture, therefore,  is NOT an escape for lazy Christians! The biblical bride just for example,  Queen Esther , took a year to literally, intensely,  DO NOTHING BUT TO PREPARE- to meet her groom, the king !)

You see, Jesus made it ABUNDANTLY clear in scripture that when the rapture happens  IT WILL BE LIKE A THIEF IN THE NIGHT-QUOTE, UNQUOTE ! . That means that like a thief sneaking in, trying to do harm, the rapture is going to catch a ton of folks SURPRISED !


(Oh Hello Pastors ! Can you feel that urgency? Are you communicating this to your congregations? You NEED to be ! )

Ok, so now directly to the question of “who will go in the rapture?” Jesus is asked that question directly in the first three verses of Matthew 24 and He takes the next two chapters explaining, giving signs to look for and describing  just what it will be like when He does come back. In Matthew 25 He himself describes that, of those  “making it in the door”,  -IT WOULD ONLY BE HALF OF THOSE TRYING TO GET IN-OR EVEN KNOWING HE WAS COMING !   (Matthew 25:1,2 ) ( That means those calling themselves “Christian”, or have a “Christian” sign out front on the door. . . or . . . )



Did you catch that ? Go over any of that, any of the links-anything- you need to to really get a hold of what we are trying to communicate here. Jesus KNEW what He was talking about and He did not mince words. He knew what was going on and what was going to be going on. It is NOT enough to raise your hand in a church service once and then call yourself a Christian ! According to our Lord, during the time of the rapture-half of those who were “virgins” (women always represent the church, in some form, in the scriptures . . .)





Where does that leave us? Where does that leave YOU ? It leaves us in a state of URGENCY-or at least it should !

Folks, Pastors and churches -as a whole-are NOT TEACHING THIS and are not putting the “urgency” in folks !



When will the rapture occur?


A) Good question. One that is asked a lot. So, right off the bat lets make it clear, scripture does not allow us to know an  exact day  but does give ABUNDANT signs to look for that tells us when we are in the “season” of the rapture. ABUNDANT.

B) Speaking of seasons, lets take a look at a chart that can easily be pulled off the internet, that relates to a “season of earthquakes” :


A Century of Earthquakes


This is simply a chart of earthquakes over the past century with a magnitude between 6 and 8, up to 2011. This does not even count ALL the quakes that have happened since then, that have registered ABOVE 8, in magnitude.

C) Now, a scripture in Matthew 24. As Jesus goes through a progression of events that will accumulate towards His return (the rapture) He speaks of   EARTHQUAKES in various places. . .” He uses these exact words :

“All these are the beginning of SORROWS “

Remember what we’ve already discussed about how scripture is so perfect, down to the exact words used ? That word-sorrows- in the original language is the exact word that we have now translated to say “Birthpains” (as in a woman who is in labor)

Look-again-at the earthquake chart -right above 


Is it a chart of earthquakes across the globe, or is it a chart of a woman in labor, about to give birth? Jesus is GOD IN THE FLESH and He KNEW what words He was using, on PURPOSE !

The “Labor” pains have started !



D) So, does this mean we can “pick a day” when we can ‘figure out’ when the rapture is going to happen?


BUT, when my wife told me the “pains were coming”-I STOPPED EVERYTHING I WAS DOING AND WE WENT IMMEDIATELY TO THE HOSPITAL. That meant the



Once “labor” starts the ONLY THING THAT HAPPENS IS IT GETS MORE AND MORE INTENSE, MORE AND MORE FREQUENT-until what the pains are birthing-HAPPENS !

Hello Church. Hello Christians. Hello Pastors.

When is the rapture going to happen ?


I don’t know when the rapture is going to happen. As all the “pains” increase in intensity and frequency

-there is a “thief” coming though !

Simply put

-its PAST TIME to drive to the hospital !


Amen ?

– – – – – – – –

Jesus followers : ” When will you return Lord?” [Matthew 24]

Jesus answer: “And there will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth distress of nations in PERPLEXITY BECAUSE OF THE ROARING OF THE SEA AND THE WAVES”

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