Rapture Checklist- Your RESULTS !! :)







Now, to stay on track and tie in all the points that have been said so far  from  previous pages.



1) Witness

2) Evangelism

3) Personal Evangelism. 

I know many of you ‘put on the brakes’ when I listed just the three things above. 

Some of you may be wondering how in the world I can claim -over and above some of the other examples ALREADY listed-just how those three things -and those three things ALONE-can guarantee you to be part of the rapture. . . 

“Easy”. Let’s take this in two parts 

1) First, the three things listed are a “progression” 

2) Second-and this is VERY IMPORTANT 





> “The three things being a progression” : 

Paul said that “he became all things to all so that he might please some..”. Just like Paul,I am trying to meet folks at whatever level, or opinion, or experiences they may have right now. Like Paul, have a “high goal” I am reaching towards here and I am, purposely, using words and a path that should bring along a PROGRESSION, towards our ultimate “high goal”. 

So, with that I’m aware that the same word can mean entirely different things to different people-so that is why the first “word”  to make it in the rapture is  “witness” or “witnessing”

[number one of the list of three, above ] 

To some folks I have met, for example,  to “witness” means full fledge, on board, “lets go to the mall, cover EVERY entrance, hand out tracts, pray for people…and see healings and lead people to the Lord!” [right there at the entrance to a mall, mind you ] . . . 

While the very same exact word “witness” to other folks I have met simply means to, for example, place a christian type bumper sticker on their car. 

So, what is the bottom line-as it relates to number one-of the three to make the rapture? 

The bottom line is that it does not matter which “interpretation” of the word witness the word means to you. The important thing is that, either one, you at LEAST START THE PROCESS.

 – – – –

So, whether the word “witness” simply means to “place a christian bumper sticker” on your car, or perhaps wear a christian t-shirt (or if it is full fledge mall “go get em”, as in the example just above) then the important thing is that


You do “Witness” !!

Got that?



 2) “Evangelism.”

Now, next part of the ‘progression’, of the three steps, to make sure you make it in the rapture.

Just as in the example with the word “witness” , just above, the word evangelism, I have seen means different things, and “looks different”, to different people.

Although to most folks “evangelism” is a little meatier and heavier word than ‘witness” I have still seen the meaning of the word “evangelism” to mean very different things to different folks. To some ‘christian’ folks they will swear up and down that ‘evangelism’ is only meant to be done by gifted evangelists […wrong, sorry !], while to other folks ‘to participate in evangelism’ means to help support a missionary or be sure to put money in the bucket when the offering bucket is passed around for an ‘evangelism offering’…

..all the way-once again-to full fledge, out in the public eye- at a mall (or a beach, or a shopping center…or a [fill in the blank] preach it right on the street corner. . .

..and lead folks and say the sinners prayer right where folks are at !


So, whats the bottom line of the word “evangelism”, therefore ?

Just like above, the answer is to “PROGRESS”. Remember, the ultimate goal is to “make it in the rapture” here and so, with that in mind, you MUST


 PARTICIPATE in evangelism, in some form or another.

– – – – –

Now, before I go any farther let me do my job and speak about “Evangelism”, in a general sense.

You see, if you are a Christian you ARE GODS representative on the earth now. You are the one that is His ambasador, to other people. With this in mind let me quote a prayer that many true christians have prayed throughout the years:

“Lord, break my heart with the things that break yours.”

The very object of Jesus building His church, the church, is not for us and our little happy worlds. “Christ Jesus came to save sinners” quote and when our Lord thinks of the very word “disciple” ( a word found throughout scripture), to Him, that word MEANS A GOD FOLLOWER. A GOD “COPY”.

Therefore, to be a “disciple” (by BIBLICAL DEFINITION) means to be someone whose

“…heart is TRULY broken with the very same things that pain, or hurt, or concern the heart of God”

Please understand, in the mind of God, all the efforts in the world are secondary to the object of

-“building His church”

-and making a people “ready for His Son…” [quotes].”waiting for the revealing of the sons of God”

You know what the scriptures call this ? . . . “Discipleship” . . .

So, “Evangelism” , to a DISCIPLE, should be of highest importance to a real “God follower”

Has your heart, dear christian,  been broken with the things that break the heart of God ? Are you concerned about how many souls are never going to see the light of heaven, ever?

Are you concerned about eternal things, like God is . . .

( . . or are you stuck on temporal things? )

– – – –

 “Evangelism”. A God learner. You see, A God “copy” WILL be highly concerned with the eternal things of God and can not be held back from EVANGELISM-FROM THE HEART !!

And now, the goal: 



3) “Personal Evangelism.”


This is the top of the three things that must be done to be sure to make it in the rapture. This is the goal that we are reaching for. This is not a part of the process that can be eliminated, this is the ultimate goal of the process, of the three. It is a “must have”, “must do”.

Most folks I have met do not have ambiguity about what “personal evangelism” means. It means that someone PERSONALLY can be trusted to be a witness [ 🙂 ] for Jesus. Someone who conducts personal evangelism has their prayer life in order. Someone who conducts personal evangalism probably has tracts stuffed in the side pockets of their car. Someone who conducts personal evangelism can pray prayers-and get results-because they have been through their own personal process of the consecration that power in prayer takes. Someone who conducts personal evangelism may not know scriptures like a bible college graduate-but they have experience in how to use the Word of God enough to answer questions and make a difference in folks lives. Someone who conducts personal evangelism knows and has worked through being bold for the Lord Jesus and can hold hands with someone in public, on a street corner (for example) and boldly pray prayers that will get results.

– – – – – – – –

If the poorest person in your town were to walk up to you and tell you they were going to give you a hundred thousand dollars tomorrow-you would laugh at the idea.

If however, Bill Gates (owner of Microsoft) were to walk up to you and tell you he was going to give you a hundred thousand dollars tomorow, you would be very happy. 


No one can give you what they don’t have. It works in the natural and it is the same way, spiritually speaking. 

I can not give you what I do not have. No one can give you what they don’ t have. 

If I work at personal evangelism and pray for folks, with a serious intent, my prayer life and prayer power will increase. If I boldly tell people about Jesus and His saving power-and search the scriptures to answer their responses, I began to grow in my own knowledge, power and experience in that which it is that I am “giving away” 

How do make sure you are saved and going in the rapture? 

“God is NOT mocked,,,what ever sow you reap…” Galatians 6:7 

YOU BECOME A PERSONAL EVANGELISM MACHINE-and in so doing, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO “give away”-and “get into other people” -the relationship that gets them “guarantees them going in the rapture”…. 


  • – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  –
  • Results ?
  • 1) Witness
  • 2) Evangelism

  • 3) Personal Evangelism.

  • “Give what you got-AWAY . . . . “