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6th of August 2018 04:09 PM Link
"we shall keep you in our prayers
things have been sad and we are waiting for something on children's table
God is great
will you put some simple food on little babies plates today
things are really sad and kids do cry"


I get text messages from Mukulu on a regular basis-24/7.

This one above I got at 4:30 in the morning, yesterday.

I am only one person and can only do so much.

I have already sent finances- as well as some materials- over and over and ....over and over...

For years, now.

They need food. They need clothing. They need school supplies. They need help with the well where they draw water from . . .

There are over 70 kids at the orphanage, plus some widows.

One dollar feeds one kid for one day.

Please, please help.

Please, pass the this word along


The link below is a secure page. Never had any problems with it. Just click on the donate button and follow the prompts. Set this up years ago to make it as easy as possible. It goes thru paypal and Mukulu gets notice and he goes to the depot and gets the funds in his currency, usually the next day.


Thank you.

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~ LIVE FEED from ministry Facebook page~

**We have had people that have come to our website through Facebook-and Facebook alone.

Therefore, as long as Facebook is “reaching people”-we will use “all things to reach all people” 

and we will be using Facebook






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** Have you heard of the very NEW CHRISTIAN SOCIAL WEBSITE called “Social Cross”?
They started because Facebook kept on banning some of their posts . . . [ 🙁  ] 
So, they just got ‘fed up’ and just started their own place for Christians to “share”. To spread ideas. To speak the truth. 
From what we’ve seen so far-they look like they have real potential…and you can post CHRISTIAN VALUES AND DOCTRINES-and 
NOT GET “BANNED”, or LIMITED or  . . . .
“Social Media”. “CHRISTIAN Social Media” at that . . . 

AAAllelujah !! 



~Click and check out our page on Social Cross  here!~ 

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